The Lemoore Union Elementary School District Governing Board consists of five members who represent the five trustee areas of the District. Board members are elected to a four- year term by the voters within their respective trustee areas. The terms of board members are staggered to allow for continuity on the board. From among its members, the Board elects a president and a clerk at its annual December meeting.

Action on Citizens' Concerns
The board and the staff of the Lemoore Union Elementary School District are dedicated to the health, safety and educational well-being of the students. Citizens who have questions or concerns are encouraged to first seek answers or resolutions at the site level where the issue can generally be addressed quickly and effectively.

Board Meetings
Lemoore Union Elementary School District Governing Board meetings are held once a month on the second Tuesday of every month. Meetings are held in the Board Room at 1200 West Cinnamon Drive. Regular Board meetings begin at 7:00 p.m. Special Board meetings may be called as needed. Meeting dates and times are announced to the media in advance.

All actions of the Board take place in public session. However, the Board may adjourn to a closed session, in accordance with the California Education Code, to discuss personnel matters, land purchases, negotiations and confidential records. Any action resulting from discussion in closed session must be taken during public session when the Board reconvenes.

Please call (559) 924-6802 or e-mail ahernandez@myluesd.net for additional information.

Meet the Members
STEPHEN TODD PRESIDENT AREA 5 stodd@myluesd.net 12/8/2020
ED MENDES CLERK AREA 1 emendes@myluesd.net 12/13/2022
MYEISHA NEAL TRUSTEE AREA 2 mneal@myluesd.net 12/8/2020
MARK PESCATORE TRUSTEE AREA 4 mpescatore@myluesd.net 12/13/2022
JERRY WAYMIRE TRUSTEE AREA 3 jwaymire@myluesd.net 12/13/2022
Trustee Areas

The District has reviewed the population demographics and studied the pros and cons of alternate election methods. In addition, several maps have been developed to create trustee areas for "district-based" elections that have been reviewed by the Board. The Lemoore Union Elementary School District School Board has chosen to change its election method for board members from an "at-large" method to a "district-based" system. It has chosen "Plan F" as the scenario to implement.

This report shows the analysis of that scenario to verify it meets the legal requirements of the State and Federal laws. The requirements include making sure each Trustee Area represents approximately the same sized population. Using the 2010 Census data we show how many people reside in each Trustee Area and then determine the variance from the goal population. As long as the variance is less than 10% between the areas with the smallest and largest populations, then the Trustee Map is in compliance with the laws.

Secondly, the Racial/Ethnic statistics are provided for the approved Trustee Area Map. This detailed information is provided for use by the County Committee and the U.S. Department of Justice to illustrate the benefits of the change in election methods.

The District held a public hearing as part of its review and approval process to get any input from the local community and their ideas or concerns regarding the process.

Trustee Boundary Map and Analysis

This approved map/scenario was analyzed using the 2010 Census data which contains data on the population and the ethnicity or race for each individual. The data is also provided for just those people that are at least 18 years old which would be representative of the adult population.

The third category of analysis is referred to as "CVAP" which is the Citizen Voting Age Population from the Census Special Tabulation from the American Community Survey.

Some of the general guidelines used for the development of this map included the following:

  • Keep communities together
  • School Attendance Boundaries
  • Location of Current Trustees
  • Natural Boundaries (highways, rivers, railroads)
  • Contiguous Areas

Click here for Trustee Boundary Map

Board Policies

Gamut is a resource that incorporates our District Policies, Regulations, and Exhibits onto one website. This computerized policy information service offers easy access and reference for Board members, district staff, parents, students and the general public.

To access the Lemoore Union Elementary School District Board Policies, Regulations, and Exhibits via the GAMUT website, please click on the link below.

If you do not have access to a computer or online service, please feel free to stop by the District Office to obtain a paper copy.