Distance Learning Bell Schedule

Tuesdays - Fridays Mondays
Period Start Time End Time Period Start Time End Time
8/9 8:00 8:45 8/9 8:00 8:45
1 9:00 9:30 1 9:00 9:30
2 9:35 10:05 2 9:35 10:05
3 10:10 10:40 3 10:10 10:40
4 10:45 11:15 4 10:45 11:15
Lunch 11:15 11:55 Lunch 11:15 11:55
Office Hours 11:55 12:15 Advisory 11:55 12:25
5 12:15 12:45 5 12:30 1:00
6 12:50 1:20 6 1:05 1:35
7 1:25 2:10
8/9 2:15 3:00

Classes Time Lessons
Eng, Math, Hist, Sci 1-4 and 5-6 periods Daily Live Instruction
PE Per 0, 8, Lunch & Office On Demand with Live Support
Music Periods 0 or 9 On Demand with Live Support
Advisory Mondays 11:55-12:25 Mondays Live Instruction
ELA Lab (Tier III Intervention) 7th period Tues-Fri Tues-Fri Live Instruction
Study Hall 7th period Tues-Fri Tues-Fri Live Support

All students have ELA, Math, History and Science. Students will log in to their Google Classroom and click on the ZOOM links to have LIVE instruction with their teachers at their scheduled period times.

All students have PE class. Students will log in to their Google Classroom daily. Students are to complete their PE lessons either during Period 0, starting at 8am, or Period 8/9, after 2:15pm. 

All students have either ELA Lab (Tier III Intervention) or Study Hall. These classes will give students the opportunity to receive extra support in their classes. 

Students that have Music (Choir, Percussion, Symphonic Band, and Concert Band) as an elective, will log in to their Google Classroom daily. Students are to complete their Music lessons either during Period 0, starting at 8am, or Period 8/9, after 2:15pm. 

Zoom Information

Students will be using the platform ZOOM for LIVE instruction. Students should login to zoom before starting the day in Google Classroom. Students may need to login to zoom again after returning from lunch

School to Home Communication
Communication with you and your student’s school staff is essential to student success. Please make sure that your contact information is current, with a working phone number and parent email in Aeries.
Front Office /Administration In order to adhere to social distancing practices, we ask that parents/guardians call to speak to someone regarding your questions or concerns. If you would like to speak to someone in person, you may call and an appointment time can be scheduled.

The office will be open for calls, Monday through Friday, 7:30am to 4:00pm.
  • (559)924-6860
  • lmsinfo@myluesd.net
Teachers Parents can be emailed and given an option for daily or weekly reports from google classroom, on their students' work progress.

If you wish to contact teachers for specific concerns, we encourage parents to email teachers. Parents can also leave a voicemail message with teachers during the school day, by calling the Liberty office.

Click here for STAFF Contacts
Nurse For information on updated immunizations or any health related questions, you may contact:Site Nurse, LVN, Kim Moench
  • (559) 924-6860
  • kmoench@myluesd.net
Technology For any technology issues/concerns at home including wifi connectivity and Chromebook technical difficulties, please contact: Mrs. Yang, Media Technology Support Specialist
  • nyang@myluesd.net
School Counselor/504 Coordinator For any Academic and Social Emotional Supports, you may contact our school Site Counselor, Melanie Endo
  • mendo@myluesd.net

Important Information/Procedures
Mask Requirement When on-campus, you must adhere to social distancing guidelines and a face covering (mask) must be worn at all times.
Meal Pick Up/Lunch Accounts Meals will be provided in a grab and go model. Meal service will take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11:15am-12:45pm at each of our school sites. University Charter School and Bridges Academy students will have access at our Liberty Middle School campus for meal pick-up. Mobile meal service will be provided at Sunset Vista and Belle Haven at the times noted above. 

Students do not need to be present, but parents must provide their student’s ID number.
Attendance Students will be engaged in daily live instruction Monday through Friday and attendance will be taken every period. Please call the office if your child is unable to participate in live instruction (ex. Dentist appointment, ill).
Grades Students will receive instruction based on the guaranteed and essential standards for their grade level. Students will be provided with the same rigorous instruction and high level of expectations we provide to each one of our students during our traditional face-to-face instruction.

Students will receive a progress report every six weeks reflecting their progress towards the end of the year guaranteed standards. A virtual parent conference will be implemented to ensure interventions and feedback related to student progress are in place.
Liberty PRIDE Classroom Expectations
P - Prepared Have all necessary materials before you login to class: Charged Chromebook, sharpened pencil, paper, and whiteboard with marker.
R - Respect Treat others like you would like to be treated
I - Integrity Be honest and do your own work
D - Dependable Be on time and ready to learn
E - Effort Always do your best and give 100%

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)
Q.Is attendance in Distance Learning mandatory?
A. Attendance is mandatory in distance learning.

Q. How will my student receive extra help?
A.Students can receive extra help from staff members either during office hours or Study

Q.What do I do if my student can’t attend school?
A.If a student is unable to attend school for any reason (ex. ill, dentist appointment, etc.), please contact the office at 559.924.6860 to report their absence.

Q.What if my child has a technology issue (ex. internet access) or a broken device?
A.Please call the office during school hours to report any technology issues. After 4:00pm, parents can report technology issues by sending an email to: lmsinfo@myluesd.net.

Q. How do I contact the office after 4:00pm or on the weekends?
A.Please send an email to: lmsinfo@myluesd.net

Q.How do I find an email address for a staff member?
A.All staff email addresses are listed on the staff page of the Liberty Middle School Website.

Q.What can I do to support my student during distance learning?
A.The best thing you can do to support your student during distance learning is to create an environment at home that is conducive to learning. Designate a space for learning in your home that is free from distraction and quiet for your student.

Q.Who should I contact if my student is struggling academically during distance

A.Your first point of contact should be your child’s Advisory teacher. Please reach out to them either by phone or email if you notice that your child is struggling or you have a concern.

Q.Who should I contact if my student is struggling emotionally during distance

A.Please contact the school counselor, Mrs. Endo, if you have any social-emotional concerns about your child. Mrs. Endo can be reached in the school office by phone or at: mendo@myluesd.net.

Q.How will the school communicate with students?
A.The school will communicate primarily using email. Students should check their email often, at least daily, to ensure that they are getting all important information.

Q.How do I know if my student has completed their work?
A.Parents/Guardians can sign up for daily or weekly email notifications through Google Classroom to ensure your child is completing assignments.

Q. My student gets an error when clicking the zoom link. What should we do?
A. Your student needs to login to zoom.us again. You can re-watch the video and follow the steps exactly. Then open Google Classroom in a new tab to get back into their classes. If that does not work, please call the school at (559)924-6860 or email us at lmsinfo@myluesd.net