1055 Cedar Lane
(559) 924-6850
Fax (559) 924-6859

Mrs. Renea Fagundes, Principal

Mrs. Jessica Lucero, Learning Coordinator

Mrs. Tiffany Mouren, Secretary

Ms. Esmeralda Ramirez, Office Clerk

Mrs. Kristen Menezes, Clerical Office Aide


Welcome to the Engvall Elementary School web site! Our hope is that this site will be the portal to learning and sharing amongst the wide array of people that make this school a thriving community of life-long learners.

Our Mission:  Engvall Staff guarantees high levels of learning for all students.  

Our Vision:  Engvall students will be active learners, engaged academically throughout the school day. By working collaboratively, Engvall staff will structure the school environment to promote active learning through the use of best educational practices.

Engvall students will be Roadrunner STRONG

S = Safe



O=On task

N=No Excuses