LUESD Independent Study

The Lemoore Union Elementary School District offers long-term independent study for students who choose an alternative learning environment in lieu of attending school in-person. Long-term independent study is a voluntary program that is available to students from kindergarten through eighth grade, designed to provide students with access to grade-level curriculum and support services as needed.

Long-term independent study is NOT distance learning. A distance learning option is no longer available. Under long-term independent study, each grade span has certain requirements as described in the Long-Term Independent Study Master Agreement ("Master Agreement"). Independent study is a home-based educational program where parents have to ensure that students participate and complete assignments as stated in the Master Agreement. All assignments and coursework will be available through an online curriculum (i.e. Edgenuity) that the district will utilize along with workbooks for grades K-5. Additional services, such as Occupational Therapy, Speech, ELD and counseling will be provided through the school either remotely or may be scheduled for appointments on campus. Appointments with the student’s teacher of record in Edgenuity must also be scheduled by the parent or student. The independent study supervising teacher or members of the school staff will reach out to parents on a regular basis to ensure that students are engaged in their learning and completing assignments on a daily basis. Parents will also have access to the student’s dashboard allowing them to track their child’s progress.

The Master Agreement details specific requirements and expectations for this home-based educational program. Independent study is not distance learning or home/hospital instruction. Students complete assignments at home, largely with parental assistance. Depending on the grade level, students may receive limited instructional time from a teacher and/or frequent check-ins from a teacher or staff member. Independent study is meant to be a program where the student primarily works through lessons and assignments on their own (i.e. independently) with parental support and scheduled contacts with the teacher of record.

Parents who are interested in learning more about long-term independent study are asked to contact the main office of their child's school. The principal or administrative designee will meet with the parent to discuss this alternative educational option and determine if this is an appropriate placement for the student. This meeting may be conducted in a group setting with multiple parents/families. Parents wishing to proceed with independent study would be required to sign the Long-Term Independent Study Master Agreement, indicating that they agree to the conditions and requirements of this alternative placement in order for the student to remain in independent study.

Frequently Asked Questions