All California public schools are required to develop a comprehensive school safety plan, per California Education Code sections 32280-89. The plans will deal with issues ranging from bullying to disaster preparedness.

California Education Code Section 32286 requires each school site to review and update its school safety plan by March 1 of each year. These plans must have policies that deal with crime, safety, child abuse reporting procedures, disaster preparedness, emergency shelters, discrimination, harassment, intimidation, bullying, hate crimes, toxic substances, and more.


Bullying (cyber) & Hazing (strategies to prevent)

Campus Disruption

Child Abuse


Crisis Prevention & Intervention

Disciplinary Procedures

Discrimination & Harassment

Dress Code

Emergency Disaster Procedures

Environmental Safety Strategies

Gangs on Campus

Multicultural Education

Parent Involvement

Prevention & Intervention Strategies

Reporting to Law Enforcement
Safe School Environment
Safety Routes to School
School's Physical Environment
Staff Development
Teacher Notifications (Dangerous Students)