The foggy day schedule is called on a daily basis. The foggy day schedule is broadcast beginning at 6:15 AM at the following locations:

Online:  or

Local Television Station News

You may also call the Lemoore Area Schools Transportation Office at 924-6640 x1 for foggy day information.

The broadcast will state whether the Lemoore Area Schools are on a " Plan A" or "Plan B" foggy day schedule. The announcement will be for all students in the Lemoore area including Lemoore Elementary, Meadow Lane Elementary, Engvall Elementary, Cinnamon Elementary Freedom Elementary and Liberty Middle School. If the fog is heavy and persists throughout the morning, please stay tuned to any of the above locations for updates on the foggy day schedule.

The primary goal is to transport your child(ren) in a safe manner at all times; therefore, buses may be running later than the expected one and one-half (1½) hour delay. The locations listed above will announce any long delays.

Remember that any references to the Lemoore Area Schools or the Lemoore Union High School District also include the Lemoore Union Elementary School District.

Plan A

Class times are:

Liberty Middle School: 9:00-3:00

Cinnamon Elementary School: k-3 9:00 – 2:26 & 4-6 9:00-2:46

Lemoore Elementary School: 9:00-2:41

Meadow Lane Elementary School: 9:00 - 2:41

Engvall Elementary School: k-3 9:00-2:36 & 4-6 9:00-2:46

Freedom Elementary School: tk-3 9:00 - 2:31 & 4-6 9:00-2:46

Plan B

  • Buses to school are canceled, but will transport students home. Although buses are canceled, classes will begin at the times listed above in Plan A.

REMEMBER: There is no supervision on campus before 8:45 a.m. on foggy days.