Returning Students/ Re-Enrollment

Returning Students/Re-Enrollment

In an effort to further streamline the data gathering and re-enrollment process for parents, LUESD will be utilizing our student information system, Aeries, to have parents confirm and/or update their children's information online in place of utilizing the First Day Packet at the beginning of the school year.  During the month of July, parents will receive verification codes and a set of instructions to create an Aeries Parent Portal Account that will give them access to their child's information.  A working email address will be required to set up this parent account.  Parents will be able to update phone numbers, emergency contacts and other student information as well as download and certify the receipt of important school information such as the school's handbook. Once you receive the instructions in the mail, do not delay in setting up your Aeries Parent Portal account, linking your child's information to it and updating your child's information in the Aeries system.  If you have had a recent move or expect to move over the summer, please take proof of your new address (i.e. utility bill or rental agreement) to your child's school office to update your mailing address in order to not delay receiving this important information.