UCS Mission

"To Ensure That Every Student Learns to His or Her Greatest Potential"

UCS Vision


Our staff will work interdependently by sharing our resources to help all learners achieve their highest potential



  1. Are active partners in creating and maintaining a nurturing environment, and modeling the importance of life-long learning.

  2. Will Collaborate to focus on increased student achievement with instructional methods that reflect current research and proven effective classroom practices.


  1. Are active partners in their education and character development, and are responsible for their learning.

  2. Set challenging goals and give their best effort to achieve high levels of academic success.


  1. Are active partners in the academic education and character development of the students and the school’s mission and vision.

  2. Are provided with resources, opportunities, information, and are included in school activities.

Extended Community:

  1. Are valued resources that will be utilized by the school.

  2. Are working in conjunction with the school to help further the learning of our students.

    1. West Hills College

    2. Lemoore Middle College High School

    3. Lemoore Police Department

Learner Centered

Our school is a place where students have equal access to an education that allows them to reach their full potential and to compete with any student in the world.

High levels of achievement are accomplished through challenging and engaging learning opportunities.

The whole child is recognized and nurtured.


Our school is a place where everyone is respected and challenged to develop a joy of learning for a lifetime.

Our school has a flexible schedule that accommodates and supports core instruction, with accelerated opportunities when students are ready.

Our school is a place where differences of all types are respected and valued.


A guaranteed and viable curriculum that includes:

  • Essential standards

  • Depth of content (over breadth)

  • Vertical alignment

  • Hands-on, project based, and technological enhancement

  • Content that provides a foundation for future learning and life experiences