Attendance is extremely important to a child's academic success. Students between the ages of 6 and 18 years of age are required to be enrolled in school. Parents/guardians are responsible to report their child’s attendance to the school’s office when ever their child is not in school by:

  • telephoning the school attendance office to report the child’s absence,

  • sending a note from the parent/guardian with the student regarding the child’s absence

If a parent/guardian does not report the child’s absence to the school the absence will be recorded in the computer as an unexcused absence.

Three unexcused absences or tardies of 30 minutes or more, in any combination, result in a Truancy Letter being mailed home. The CA Department of Education is automatically notified that the student is truant. Four truancy letters result in a student being identified as a habitual truant.

Habitually truant students may be asked to attend a School Attendance Review Board (SARB) meeting. The SARB panel meets with parents/guardians & students who have received Truancy Letters to discuss their absences. Most students/families are put on SARB Contracts and attendance is closely monitored. If the student’s attendance does not improve the student may be referred to the District Attorney. The student and or parent/guardian will then meet with a judge, and may be fined, lose their driver’s license, and in some cases be imprisoned.